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Amazing Discovery: What Fats In Coconut Oil Will Do To Your Brain

If you haven’t already caught on to the wonders of coconut oil, today is the day to go out and buy a jar. This stuff is fantastic!

Not only does it taste great and makes an excellent (and healthy) alternative to any other cooking oil, but you can use it on your skin, hair and just about any other body part to moisturize naturally.

Want even more reason to use coconut oil?

One study makes a bold claim to the amazing power of coconut oil on the brain. So much so that it suggests with just a single 40 ml dose of coconut oil, the cognitive function of older patients suffering from Alzheimer’s is noticeably improved.

That’s right. With just a single serving of coconut oil, a person can improve their memory and potentially repair cognitive lapse. This is huge news in the study to find a cure for this devastating degenerative brain disease.

The medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) found in coconut oil appear to be the focus of these findings.

The study, which focused on a group of 20 patients with Alzheimer’s, administered the test subjects with these emulsified MCT’s and compared the results to those given a placebo.

The results were incredible.

The researchers found a drastic rise in blood plasma levels of the ketone body beta-hydroxylutrate (beta-OHB) after just and hour and a half of treatment. Depending on the protein genotype of the patient tested, these beta-OHB levels would continue to rise of stayed at a peak level between the interval blood sampling.

So how can coconut oil make a difference to the memory function of Alzheimer’s sufferers?

The normal source of energy for the brain is glucose based, but when insulin resistance develops (which is most often seen in Alzheimer patients) the brain’s ability to function is drastically reduced.

The ketone bodies found in the MCTs of coconut oil act as a much need fuel source to help recharge the metabolic process in the brain.

Unlike most of the fats we consume, MCTs have a short chain of carbons making them much easier to digest and absorb. Other fats get stored in the liver, but these are prioritized and oxidized easily to make ketone protein – the brain booster changing cognitive ability.

With almost ⅔ MCT content per volume, coconut oil stands as the number one source for an all natural brain boost.

Sure you could simply take a teaspoon of coconut oil a day to reap the benefits, but what is the fun in that? Why not incorporate this creamy treat into your everyday diet. It makes a great addition to any smoothie, can be substituted for almost all oils, and works wonders to add flavor to all baked goods.

Coconut milk is also a great source for these MCTs and can be used in much the same way regular old milk is.

Although this groundbreaking study gives hope to the advancements in Alzheimer’s research, it is important to treat foods as additional supplements to your health rather than a complete substitute for treatment.

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